Los Flamencos

Wayúu Experience

Visit Los Flamencos Flora and Fauna Sanctuary in La Guajira, discover Camarones, live an adventure full of wild beauty and ancestral traditions: the land of the Wayúus.

Duration: 1 day

Staring point: agreed meeting point.

Starting time: 5:00 am*

*Due to the current situation, regulations and restrictions, starting time may be modified.


Your trip will start between 05:00 – 05:30 in the morning, our car will pick you up at your accommodation and we will get to Perico and the Sanctuary of Flora and Fauna (Los Flamencos is 20 minutes from the city of Riohacha)
In Perico/Camarones and Los Flamencos Sanctuary, you will get to know two important places within the department of La Guajira. Perico/Camarones are regions located 17 km south of Riohacha, and this area  is recognized for shrimp fishing.
Later, you will visit the Los Flamencos Sanctuary, a saltwater lagoon where a large colony of Flamingo birds lives. Your guide will provide information about these animals you will be able to see and photograph without being invasive, of course. You will walk the path learning about the medicinal use of plants in the area, you will take a tour of the Navío Quebrado lagoon, in order to take part into an interpretive bird watching of flamingos and other birds that inhabit the FFS, you will be able to have a rest time on the beach.
Then we will go to Riohacha to enjoy a typical lunch and then to visit a Wayuu Ranchería farm and live an Ethnic Artisan experience, in the afternoon you will share time in the ranchería farm with the Wayyu community.

Ranchería afternoon and integration with the Wayuu culture

Upon arrival at the Ranchería farm, we are received by the representative of the program, then they will offer us the typical alcohol of the region (chirinche) and we will have a talk about Wayuu culture, where you can ask everything you want to know about the habits and traditions of the region. Then they will paint a symbol on their faces that represents the joy of the Wayuu ethnic group. After presenting the Dance of the Yoona (chicha maya), it will be possible to try a typical dish, the so-called friche (fried goat).

Visitors will also be able to take part in this dance. Between 5:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., you will return to Riohacha and on the road that leads to Santa Marta.

What's Included
  • Transportation (Round trip, from and to Santa Marta)
  • Meals: lunch, a snack and hydration
  • Travel insurance
  • Guide service in Spanish: local environmental interpreter guide who will accompany you throughout the tour of the FFS Los Flamencos.
  • Waterfowl birdwatching day in the Navío Quebrado lagoon.
  • Walk to discover Wayúu medicinal plants.
  • Afternoon in typical ranchería (Wayúu farm).
What's Not Included
    • Guide service in English, or in any other foreign language
    • Beers, drinks, extra snacks
    • Shopping tour and / or visits to other attractions
    • Handicraft items and tips
    • Temperatures are of about 25°C – 33°C.
    • Natives and their traditions have to be respected: this is the base for a positive cultural exchange for both visitors and communities.
    What to bring

    • Insect repellent.

    • Sunscreen and lip balm, better if you use a natural one.

    • Sunglasses with a good protection filter, we recommend at least UV400.

    • Water bottle, hydration backpack or something to carry the water. This helps us avoid consuming bottled water.

    • A small towel to take to activities that does not exceed the dimensions 30cm x 48cm

    • Toiletries

    • ID and medical insurance documents.

    • If you take specific medications, take them, bring additional doses and sufficient information on each medication.

    • Swimsuit.

    • Hat, better with neck cover, cap or hiking cap for better protection.

    • Light windbreaker jacket.

    • Small backpack to carry personal belongings.

    • Cash for tips, handicrafts, personal expenses.

    • Comfortable clothing, it can be short or long trousers as you wish, and long sleeved shirt.

    • Comfortable shoes that dry easily, or comfortable sandals with good grip.

    Cancellation Policy and Refund

    Clients have the right to claim a total or partial refund of the amount he/she paid according to the following terms and conditions:

    • Teyuna Tours or its provider, has failed to provide the service, as long as the reason is different from force majeure *: you will have a refund of the total amount paid for the service.
    • Cancellation of a standard (non-private) tour, either the Lost City trek or another destination in Santa Marta, more than twelve (12) hours prior to the departure of the tour. You will have a refund of the total amount paid for the service.
    • Cancellation of a private tour, or transfer service, more than forty-eight (48) hours prior to the starting time of the service. You will have a refund of the total amount paid for the service.
    • Cancellation of a standard tour to the Lost City within twelve (12) hours prior to the departure of the tour: there will be a charge of the 10% of the total value of the tour.
    • Cancellation of a standard tour other than the Lost City trek within twelve (12) hours prior to the departure of the tour: there will be a charge of the 50% of the total value of the tour.
    • Cancellation of a private tour, or transfer service, within forty-eight (48) hours prior to the starting time of the service. There will be a charge of the 10% of the total value of the service.
    • Presenting a positive result for the Covid-19 test, after the starting time of a service that requires a negative result, implies a charge of the 20% of the total value of the service.

    The customer will not get a refund in the following cases:

    • The client does not show up to start the tour (no show).
    • An accident or calamity occurs and prevents the service to be provided or provided in full.
    • The client resign during the service.
    • Events unrelated to Teyuna Tours occur, such as cancellation or delay of flights, loss of luggage, closure of roads, airports, terminals, borders, among other external reasons that may prevent the client to be provided a certain service.

    * It is intended as force majeure: meteorological phenomena, disturbances of public order, unforeseen closures of the destination or roads, among others that prevent the service to be provided, or put safety of our customers at risk.


    Campsites, accommodations and restaurants belong to local communities; we cooperate and work in order to provide a high quality service, however quality of lodgings and camps depends on them.

    Trails and infrastructures are shared by all companies, so that the number of visitors depends on tourist season and number of visitors among all tour operators.

    This tour involves risks; travel insurance covers accidents and injuries that may occur in the trek.

    Teyuna Tours and the managers of the campsites on the Lost  City trek are not responsible for lost or damaged personal belongings.

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