About us


We are Teyuna Tours, the only Lost City trek operator to be directly owned by local guides with more than 15 years of experience, we have traveled and lived the magic of archaeological and sacred places in Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain range for a long time, developing a broad knowledge and reliability in Lost City treks operation.

We are a group of local Lost City trek guides who have been training to be professionals, in order to provide authentic ethno-tourism and eco-tourism experiences to our visitors; we are strongly driven by the desire to create and promote a culture of conservation and care for environment, habits and traditions of our communities.

With this strong will, we could make our dream a solid reality when getting together and creating Teyuna Tours, get to know more about our project:

Santa Marta Tour Guides created their own tour operator company: Teyuna Tours

The Lost City is providing a solid nature tourism alternative


Provide unforgettable experiences to our travelers, being a tour operator with high commitment in designing tours in all our region, highlighting traditions and culture of our indigenous and farming communities, contributing to their economic and social growth and development.


By 2025 we will be a recognized tour operator in the region, leading actions and supporting policies of sustainable tourism, ecotourism and nature tourism, being a generator of employment that will help to strengthen social and cultural practices, based on quality and transparency policies, and trustworthy operation.




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