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Pirate Ship Tour

Santa Marta


Ahoy! The sea cannons sound. Join the Pirate Ship Tour and be part of the AFS Victoria crew and sail the seas with the best view between the hill and the mountains.

Calm down! Learn about the history of the city, its forts and pirate attacks, and if the captain allows it, join him on the poop deck, get up close to the helm and steer the ship.

Duration: 1 hour approximately

Starting Days: Monday, Tuesday (Morning), Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Meeting time: 8:30 a.m. – 3:00 pm. – 4:30 p.m. * You must be at the meeting point 30 minutes before starting the experience.

*Due to the current situation, regulations and restrictions, starting time may be modified.


Meeting point: The Marina House

Arrival times to the experience: 8:00 a.m. – 2:30 pm. – 4:00 p.m.

Start times: 8:30 a.m. – 3:00 pm. – 4:30 pm.

At the Casa Marina you will be received by the master Bom Blick who will provide the recommendations and the itinerary of the experience.

Then we will go to the Santa Marta International Marina, where we will check in and take a short walk to the pier where the pirate ship AFS Victoria will be located, waiting for us ready to set sail on the Pirate Ship.

Once on board we will begin our reckless journey through the Bay of Santa Marta to Punta Betín where we will discover impressive adventures with Pirate Xavier Paterson and his crew who will be at your command, do not neglect the song of the sirens because they can make you fall in love and your bones will lie at the bottom of the sea.

After the first part of the tour in water, we will go from Punta Betín to Fort San Fernando, be careful with the cannons of the enemies that can attack us, if we are victorious we will celebrate with a snack, but calm down, sometimes the memories of the Captain they can wrap you in the adventures of their past.

Always keep in mind the instructions of the captain so that you are not thrown overboard, the return trip will be a bit turbulent, therefore, always stay in your seat, passengers from starboard and port will be able to take unforgettable panoramic photos and wonderful views of the most beautiful bay in America.

Once at the disembarkation point, the maestre will accompany you back to La Casa Marina, where this adventure ends.


What's Included
  • Snack

  • Entry into La Marina

  • Marine transport

  • Pirate Souvenirs

  • Ear plugs

  • Medical Assistance Insurance

  • Water

What's Not Included
    • Lunch

    • Alcoholic drinks

    • Services not specified

    • The use of masks is mandatory.
    • It is important to maintain physical distancing.
    • It is important to stay hydrated throughout the experience.
    • Minimize your garbage and deposit it in the indicated places.
    • Follow the instructions provided by the captain.
    • Stay hydrated.
    • Does not have wheelchair access.
    • When entering the ship, they will be assigned a seat, they must remain in their seat to prevent the ship from tipping. While sailing, they can only move individually when the captain requests it.
    • The boat will make the same route in both directions, so that regardless of your location, you will have the opportunity to photograph both perspectives, keep calm.
    • At the end of the tour, no more than 15 minutes will be given for photographs, after which people must disembark
    • Keep the life jacket on at all times during the boat.
    • During the experience, notice will be given when the cannons are going to be used, be attentive and make use of earplugs if necessary, these will be delivered before starting the experience.

    What to bring
    • Sunscreen.
    • Visor, cap or hat that protects the skin from direct sunlight.
    • Comfortable walking shoes.
    • Medications for dizziness and others (if necessary).
    • Cash.
    • Identification document.
    • Camera.
    Cancellation Policy and Refund

    Clients have the right to claim a total or partial refund of the amount he/she paid according to the following terms and conditions:

    • Teyuna Tours or its provider, has failed to provide the service, as long as the reason is different from force majeure *: you will have a refund of the total amount paid for the service.
    • Cancellation of a standard (non-private) tour, either the Lost City trek or another destination in Santa Marta, more than twelve (12) hours prior to the departure of the tour. You will have a refund of the total amount paid for the service.
    • Cancellation of a private tour, or transfer service, more than forty-eight (48) hours prior to the starting time of the service. You will have a refund of the total amount paid for the service.
    • Cancellation of a standard tour to the Lost City within twelve (12) hours prior to the departure of the tour: there will be a charge of the 10% of the total value of the tour.
    • Cancellation of a standard tour other than the Lost City trek within twelve (12) hours prior to the departure of the tour: there will be a charge of the 50% of the total value of the tour.
    • Cancellation of a private tour, or transfer service, within forty-eight (48) hours prior to the starting time of the service. There will be a charge of the 10% of the total value of the service.
    • Presenting a positive result for the Covid-19 test, after the starting time of a service that requires a negative result, implies a charge of the 20% of the total value of the service.

    The customer will not get a refund in the following cases:

    • The client does not show up to start the tour (no show).
    • An accident or calamity occurs and prevents the service to be provided or provided in full.
    • The client resign during the service.
    • Events unrelated to Teyuna Tours occur, such as cancellation or delay of flights, loss of luggage, closure of roads, airports, terminals, borders, among other external reasons that may prevent the client to be provided a certain service.

    * It is intended as force majeure: meteorological phenomena, disturbances of public order, unforeseen closures of the destination or roads, among others that prevent the service to be provided, or put safety of our customers at risk.

    Specific Provider's Policy
    • This activity is not recommended for children under 5 years old.
    • We do not have accessibility for people with reduced mobility.
    • Pets not allowed for this experience.
    • This experience requires good weather. If canceled due to weather conditions, a rescheduling or refund will be made in compliance with the terms and conditions established by Teyuna Tours.
    • No Show is considered when after contracting a service the participants do not attend to acquire it, and a cancellation is not made 24 hours in advance, so that 100% of the value of the service is charged.


    This tour involves risks; travel insurance covers accidents and injuries that may occur in the trek.

    Visitors are responsible for their own belongings; Teyuna Tours and its providers are not responsible for lost or damaged objects.

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